Ammonit Wind Tunnel GmbH has been founded by Ammonit Measurement GmbH and WIND-consult GmbH to pool competences in the field of flow measurement and meteorological measurement technology.

Ammonit Wind Tunnel is headquartered in Bargeshagen near Rostock on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The company operates a wind tunnel for wind sensor calibration and testing. The wind tunnel design allows even calibrating large sensors, such as ultrasonic anemometers.


Ammonit Wind Tunnel is accredited by DAkkS as independent calibration laboratory according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. Ammonit Wind Tunnel is member of the MEASNET group. Our wind tunnel meets the high MEASNET requirements for wind sensor calibration and classification.


Both stakeholders of Ammonit Wind Tunnel have long-term experience and deep knowledge in the field of measurement instruments, flow measurement and meteorological measurement technology as well as in the field of calibration and testing.

Since 1989 Ammonit Measurement GmbH has been active in the wind industry with self-developed data loggers, a web platform for monitoring measurement stations as well as in designing complete measurement systems for the wind and solar industry.

Since 1996 WIND-consult has been DAkkS-accredited as a test laboratory; in 2007 WIND-consult became DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory. WIND-consult has been calibrating anemometers since 1992. In 2002 WIND-consult became active member of the MEASNET group and successfully participated in all Round Robin Tests during the membership.